Bolivia Postage Design of " Rosas de Bolivia" by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport
(8502 East Chapman Avenue Suite 132 Orange, California 92869 USA)

President Morales: Ranunculus Rose Flower is a larger genus of about 600 hundred species of plants in the Ranunculus family. Members of this genus flower include the Buttercups, Spearworts, and Watercrowfoots and the lesser Celandine Flower. For example, the Watercrowfoots which grows in still water or running water and or sometimes treated in a separate genus batrachium. They have two different leaf types, thread-like leaves underwater and broader floating leaves. The Ranunculus species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species. The Ranunculus Rose is the most popular flower. In my recent Bolivia Postage of "Roses de Bolivia" you will notice the color's of the Bolivian Flag in this concept perspective postage design.

Therefore, I have created a Bolivia Postage Design with the words, "Rosas de Bolivia" which has been forwarded to the Bolivian Postal Administration for consideration as depicting this Bolivia Postage Stamp for the Government of Bolivia and the People of Bolivia.

Rex Davenport
US Postage Designer
8502 East Chapman Avenue
Suite 132
Orange, California 92868
United States of America

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