Bolivia Postage Design of Pope John Paul II by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport

by US Postage Designer Rex Davenport
(Orange, California 92869 USA)

Honoring President Evo Morales regarding the Bolivia Postage Design of the Late John Paul II and the Letter which is attached to this concept from the Vatican July 24, 1997 from Pope John Paul II regarding his remarks of his image on a Vatican Postage in the Pope's Honor on July 24, 1997, " His Holiness Pope John Paul II has asked me to thank you for your kind letter and a gift of a design postage stamp in his honor. He is very appreciative of your thoughtful gesture.
As it is not possible for His Holiness to comply with all the many request for his autograph, I am sending a picture with a reproduction of his signature. With every good wish, I remain Secerely yours, Monsignor L. Sandri."

I have created a Bolivia Postage of the Late Pope John Paul II regarding the strong Catholic Faith that the People of Bolivia and the President of
Bolivia Evo Morales. Pope John II was the first Non-Italian to be elected since Duth Adrian VI in 1522 through 1523. The Cardinals elected him Pope on the 16th. of October 1978 and Pope John Paul II on October 22, 1978 on the Lords Day took the Name of John Paul II.

The Late Pope John Paul II had given his life for publice service to mankind and to his Lord God Almighty. Therefore it is my pleasure to create the first of the Late Pope John Paul II to the President and to the People of Bolivia. In this painting concept you will see that Light will always overcome darkness in this concept of the Late Pope John Paul II and you can view the Late Pope John Paul II with his hands praying to his Lord, seeing the depthness of his eyes looking forward when Pope John Paul II begins to pray to his father in Heaven, and a Beam of light of God beaming from the Pope's face showing the power of God Almighty, and of God's love towards him and everyone who came into contact with the Late Pope John Paul II throughout his life time. On the Left it reads "De Bolivia" and on the right, it reads Pope John Paul II."

I hope that the President of Bolivia Evo Morales will request and submit this concept to the Bolivia Postal Agency Board requesting the printing of one of the Great figures of the 20th. Century, the Late Pope John Paul II.

Respectfully yours,

Rex Davenport
US Postage Stamp Designer
8502 East Chapman Avenue
Suite 132
Orange, California 92869
United States of America

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