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The following are articles we highlighted throughout 2009 and early 2010 prior to providing you with our current interactive Bolivia News Forum.


4 July - Attacks on USAID and US-Bolivia Bilateral Relations
1 July - 34 of Bolivia's 36 indigenous groups march against the government

28 June - Our big new section on Tarija is finally online!
5 June - New feature! Now you can post Bolivia news articles on

27 May - Why is Mothers Day always on May 27th in Bolivia
1 May - Labor Day is May 1st in Bolivia! Hoy es el Dia del Trabajo en Bolivia

22 April - It's Earth Day! So what're you gonna do about it?
22 April - Read the April 2010 issue of my free online ezine!
20 April - Check out Chef Noly's earth food for Earth Day!
15 April - Tarija celebrates its day today. Click to see why!
9 April - The International Baroque Music Festival starts on 22 April 2010. Don't miss it!
8 April - Día del Niño en Bolivia. Read and Learn about Children's Day in Bolivia.
7 April - Looking for great Bolivian recipes? Keep up with Wacataya Wednesdays!

23 Mar - Why does a landlocked country with no ocean celebrate Day of the Sea?
21 Mar - Porque un país sin costas celebra el día del mar?
19 Mar - Here's how we celebrate Father's Day in Bolivia
11 Mar - The latest tourist and special purpose visa requirements
8 Mar - International Women's Day - Dia Internacional de la Mujer
1 Mar - Chile Forum on!

21 Feb - Bolivia, that's in Africa right? see why I built BoliviaBella for you!
20 Feb - Get the most out of your points and reward programs. Here's how!
18 Feb - Read the latest issue of the WWF Bolivia online magazine!
18 Feb - Lea la última edición de la revista virtual de WWF Bolivia
15 Feb - Carnaval in Bolivia - Read the lastest issue of Bella News!
15 Feb - BoliviaBella announces new Expat Services unit!
8 Feb - Government passes new drunk driving law and bus drivers protest against it.

25 Jan - I've been house hunting for weeks! Learn from my trials and tribulations LOL
23 Jan - 2 Earthquakes in Santa Cruz - Learn how to be prepared
15 Jan - Looking for jobs in Bolivia? Use the search engine here.
06 Jan - Is Bolivia safe for Americans any more?


31 Dec - Bolivians are stocking up on yellow underpants for New Years Eve!
17 Dec - My DECEMBER newsletter went out today. Read it here.
16 Dec - BoliviaBella site visitors helped us donate dozens of soccer balls to San Isidro!
12 Dec - Meet Luis Alfredo Gavilano, one of Bolivia's best classical guitarists.
6 Dec - President Obama: Please give me a REAL climate change deal for my birthday!
6 Dec - National Elections in Bolivia - Travel Limited.
4 Dec - La Paz, Bolivia BANS plastic bags in all stores.
3 Dec - Why is BoliviaBella so Green?
1 Dec - My NOVEMBER newsletter went out last night. Read it here.

18 Nov - If you plan to LIVE in Bolivia DO NOT come on a TOURIST visa!
12 Nov - 12 Facts you must know about Bolivia!
6 Nov - Order pumpkin or pecan pie anytime - now through December 31st
5 Nov - Find out what Bella's favorite Christmas cookie is and share your recipes
3 Nov - Find out how Christmas is celebrated in Bolivia. What are your traditions?
1 Nov - Favorite Thanksgiving traditions. Giving thanks in Bolivia too!

31 Oct - Qué es Halloween realmente y porque lo celebramos?
18 Oct - There's nothing to do in Santa Cruz Bolivia! Could tourists be right?
16 Oct - I just mailed out my October BELLA NEWS ezine. Read it online here.
15 Oct - Volunteer or Learn Spanish in Cochabamba with Sustainable Bolivia!
14 Oct - Quinta Victoria! A lovely, luxurious getaway just minutes from town!
11 Oct - Should Machía nature preserve be destroyed for a road? Jane Goodall visits.
7 Oct - Foreigners in Bolivia: Carry your identification at all times. Here's why!
6 Oct - El domingo 11 de octubre es el Día de la Mujer en Bolivia. Envía mensajes aquí.
5 Oct - Ask the 2009 Election Candidates a Question. Preguntas para los Candidatos?
2 Oct - Santa Cruz se Merece Algo Mucho Mejor!

30 Sept - I just mailed out my September BELLA NEWS ezine. Read it online here.
24 Sept - Celebrating 199 Years in Santa Cruz - 199 Años en Santa Cruz
23 Sept - 2009 Orchid Festival in Concepcion - Festival de las Orquideas (9-11 Oct.)
21 Sept - Alasitas - Find out why Bolivians purchase everything - in miniature!
19 Sept - The Santa Cruz Traditional Foods and Handcrafts Festival
11 Sept - See what President Clinton says about Empowering Women in Bolivia's Mines.
8 Sept - Conoce a tu webmaster.
6 Sept - Santa Cruz in September! Absolutely the best month to visit Eastern Bolivia!
1 Sept - Manfred Reyes Villa Shocks Bolivia with his Choice of Running Mate

28 August - I just mailed out my August BELLA NEWS ezine. Read it online here.
18 August - Is Tiwanaku really the oldest city on Earth?
16 August - Bolivia's National Renaissance Festival - Festivales de Temporada
13 August - BoliviaBella and WWF Bolivia bring you a new section on Bolivia's wildlife.
12 August - ABC News Searches for River Dolphins in Beni (WWFolio)
12 Agosto - Pando y Sus Bosques de Esperanza (WWFolio)
6 August - Bolivia celebrates 184 years of independence! Fotos del 6 de agosto 2009.
4 August - Cuales son tus 3 deseos más sentidos para Bolivia? (Three Wishes for Bolivia)

27 July - 28 ways to totally blow your travel budget in Bolivia!
19 July - Moving Overseas with Kids? An expat kid tells you 20 things you need to do!

26 June - BoliviaBella is now 2 years old and we're celebrating! Click to see how & why!

28 May - Watch me add a BENI section to this site - Siganme mientras agrego a BENI
26 May - Cruceño group Animal de Ciudad's new CD - El nuevo CD de Animal de Ciudad
16 May - We Did Something Wrong - Algo Hicimos Mal - President of Costa Rica speech
12 May - Read my interview of Kalamarka - Entrevista al Grupo Músico Kalamarka. Léela.
10 May - Where does Bolivia's future lie? - Donde está el futuro de Bolivia?

9 April 2009 - VII Festival Internacional de Teatro en Santa Cruz del 16-26 Abril
6 April 2009 - The History of Santa Cruz - From Tiny Town to Political Pacesetter

5 April 2009 - Bolivia's Street Soccer Academy - Champions in More Ways Than One

1 April 2009 - Bolivia's Historical Victory Over Argentina in 2010 Soccer Play-offs

26 March 2009 - Illegal San Pedro Prison Tours Result in Inmate Mutiny

20 March 2009 - The Santa Cruz Zoo Gets A Much-Needed MakeOver

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