Bolivia: New Oruro Carnival and Devil Dance Museum


Santa Cruz, Bolivia: EL DEBER - 09 Jan 2011 The committee that organizes the Carnaval de Oruro is rushing preparations to celebrate the event which, this year, will center on the Bicentennial of Oruro. "We are following the official program", stated Jacinto L. Quispaya, of the ACFO (Association of Oruro Folklore Dance Troupes).

On Wednesday 12 January the Museo de la Diablada (Devil Dance Museum) will be inaugurated. It will exhibit masks, costumes and figurines used in the Oruro Carnival's main dance in two salons which are a part of a project to preserve the intangible heritage of humanity, funded by Unesco.

About $6500 have been invested to assemble the museum and acquire 16 costumes, 9 masks and 16 mannequins.

This initiative is part of a larger project: the Carnaval de Oruro Museum (Museo del Carnaval de Oruro), an establishment headed by the Intangible Heritage Unit of the Ministry of Cultures.

The next activity related to Carnaval de Oruro will take place on January 19th with a commemorative act to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the ACFO. "We are expecting the attendance of national authorities to show their support for one of the institutions that works the hardest to preserve and promote one of the most important heritages of our country", explained Quispaya. Read the Full Article in Spanish

Carnaval de Oruro 2011!

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