Bolivia May Consider Establishing the Death Penalty

In view of skyrocketing crime rates in Bolivia, the government is considering harsher sanctions and has even brought up the possibility of modifying the constitution to allow for the death penalty to be established as a form of punishment for violent crimes such as murder and rape.

Edwin Tupa, a MAS party congressional representative stated, "Men and women are afraid of death. It's the only thing. That's why in some countries there are fewer delinquents, there is less corruption, because they know that tomorrow or the day after they could be taken to the paredón (a place of execution)... even in the US there is the death penalty. So we should analyze it and discuss it."

Opposition congressman, Tomás Monasterio, states that the international treaties Bolivia has signed prohibit the death penalty, but adds that law should adjust to necessity. "At this time, the situation with delinquency, lack of public safety and, above all, the little value that is given to human life, should be considered strongly."

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