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For Bolivia market research you can contract an experienced and highly qualified Bolivia business researcher who can find all the Bolivia business and trade information you'll need, investigate business opportunities, and advise you on foreign investment.

Doing business in Bolivia isn't always easy. Paperwork is messy. Getting business depends a lot on who you know. Understanding the legal framework can be daunting. A good grasp of Bolivian politics is essential. But it can be fulfilling and lucrative if you inform yourself well about what you might be getting into. That's why David Rojas has teamed up with BoliviaBella to help improve the information provided on this site.

Many of you have contacted us in search of information on doing business with Bolivia, or starting a business in Bolivia and we couldn't think of a better person to help provide you the information you'll need than David, who is a top market researcher with experience in several countries, in addition to his native Bolivia. David speaks English, Spanish, and German. He's lived and worked in Europe, the U.S., Bolivia and other Latin American countries.

David Rojas Elbirt

David is very passionate about ensuring that business is fair for all sides and is objective in his analysis and investigation. He's straight to the point and that's probably one of his best qualities especially in his line of work. He's incredibly good at challenging people to think outside the box and see things from a different perspective. His great desire to contribute positively to Bolivia's future, his in-depth studies of the culture and how it may affect your business, and his bold honesty about what works, what doesn't and why, are some of the reasons he's well trusted by individuals and companies who contract him.

For information specific to your line of business or investment interests, contact David below. Further down, you can also post comments or suggestions for information you'd like to see included on in the future. See David's Curriculum Vitae

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