Bolivia Celebrates Four Holidays on One Day

Happy Spring/Day of Love/Student's Day/Doctor's Day!

Happy Spring/Day of Love/Student's Day/Doctor's Day!

Bolivia celebrates four holidays today. The 21st of September is the first day of spring, Día del Estudiante (Student's Day), Día del Médico (Doctor's Day), and Día del Enamorado (Bolivia's version of St. Valentine's Day).

Four days in one are celebrated on this date. It isn't uncommon to relate blooming passion and love with the blooms of spring, which here in the Southern Hemisphere, as you can see, is late in the year. Couples celebrate this day, the equivalent of Valentine's Day, by spending special time together, going out for dinner, exchanging gifts, cards and flowers, and romance each other in general.

Spring is also associated with youth, thus this day is also Student's Day. Children and young people celebrate in their schools a day in advance with games, food, raffles, and other activities and receive flowers and candies, small gifts or a special meal. Especially outstanding students are presented awards and diplomas to honor their efforts on this special occasion. Schools are closed on September 21st.

Today is also Doctor's Day. Thanks to all the doctors who help keep us healthy and happy!

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