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this is our airports and airlines section site map

Our main Bolivia airfare and airlines page is the Airlines Home Page. That's where it all begins for anything relating to airports, airlines, and airfare. Click to it any time you get lost while browsing the site. It contains a list of all the airlines that connect Bolivia with the world.

If you're browsing around other sections, you can always return to the airlines home page by clicking on the green button to your left that says Travel Planner. It's on every page of the site.

Our Flight Search page is where you can search online for tickets to Bolivia. You'll find it features some of the air travel providers' search boxes, all on one page!

On our Latest Offers you'll see continually updating data feeds from a few of the main online air travel providers. They list airfare deals and discounts that just won't be around for long - the feeds on this page are updated automatically by the provider, not by us.

The Traveler Info page tells you about Bolivian customs and immigration, the use of taxis and rental cars from the airport, and airport fees and taxes you'll have to pay when traveling nationally or internationally.

Find out who to get Cheap Tickets on this page, which shows you how you can be sure you find the lowest prices on airfare, what days of the week are best for buying cheap tickets, how far in advance to purchase, and other tips for getting the best airline prices.

Reward Programs is something we want you to know about. By signing up for you can trade, share, purchase, sell, and consolidate points you get from all kinds of different reward programs in one single place. Many people don't use their reward points because they never accumulate enough to purchase a flight. Now you can find other ways to use your points to your advantage here.

Find Bolivian Airports on this page which lists most of the major airports in major cities and towns, although Bolivia actually has thousands of airstrips all over the country.

Find Bolivian Travel Agents and tour operators if you are here to travel around. We are gradually updating this list to include more and more in various cities.

We now recommend purchasing Travel Insurance for trips to Bolivia. We didn't used to talk much about that because honestly, most of us never purchased cover either. However, times change, and as the political situation and crime rates are more worrisome today than a few years ago, we believe you have the right to know.

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