Australian Citizen visiting Bolivia, Santa Cruz for more than 30 days. Visa?

by Maria
(Sydney, Australia, NSW)

I'm going to visit my friend in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, from America in about a month and a half.. Do I need a visa? I understand that as an Australian citizen, its required that I get a visa to visit there for 30 days or less, but I want to stay in Bolivia for nearly two months. Do I need a visa? What things do I need? What type of Visa do I need? Where do I go to apply for the visa?

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Nov 20, 2010
You can get a Visa at the airport.
by: Henry Hurt.

One option that I highly recommend is getting it done at the airport once you arrive in country. Forget about the consulate, they don?t know jack and you won?t even get straight answers. I called the consulate several times to get info about obtaining a visa for my wife, and they put me through the automated service, that has the same info as website of When I wanted to ask if it?s really and I mean really required to get an invitation written by ?ME? a Bolivian born, inviting my wife traveling with me. The response I got from them was ?YES, YOU NEED ALL DOCUMENTATION STATED IN THE RECORDING?. I did get their visas in the US. We were able to purchase the Visa without any requirements at Immigration at the airport. I recommend you do the same.

Nov 04, 2010
Australian tourist visa to Bolivia
by: BoliviaBella

I'm not Australian, and I'm not an expert on the subject of visas, but the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website has 3 lists of countries that do and do not need tourist visas.

Australia is in Group 1 - Countries that do not need a tourist visa to travel to Bolivia. See it here:

However, it's advisable to call a Bolivian consulate in the U.S. since you are there, to verify if this is current - because the date on their website says 31/10/2007.

Also, you would want to ask them how long you can stay in Bolivia and still be considered a tourist. For many countries it's 90 days. Ask them to be sure.

Try the Bolivian Consulate in Washington, D.C.


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