Volunteer in La Paz Bolivia with the Rotary Club Center for Artificial Limbs

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Volunteer in Bolivia!

"Centro de Miembros Artificiales" (Center of Artificial Limbs) provides prosthetic limbs to low income Bolivian amputees. It is based in La Paz and it operates as part of our non-profit Bolivian foundation called FUNPROBO. We have been helping Bolivian amputees since early 2011 and we have several exciting volunteer positions. At this time, the need for volunteers is very urgent.

In general we are looking for:

o Certified Prosthetists - For training
o Office manager/assistant
o Physical and/or Occupational therapists
o Mechanical/Product engineers (or similar)
o Workshop assistant

Read this interview of founder, Matthew Pepe

EXPERIENCE: Other than the Prosthetist and Therapist positions, none of the other volunteer opportunities require any previous prosthetic experience. You only need to have the desire to do a good job and be an organized, self-motivating, reliable person who does not mind taking charge when needed and has good follow-through skills. Being fairly capable in Spanish is also highly helpful but you will also be able to work with some English-speaking volunteers at the clinic who will be able to help handle more complicated situations if you so desire.

HOURS: Your hours will be determined by your position and what exactly you are working on any given day. These hours will typically range anywhere from 4 hours per day and up to 8 hours, 5 days a week. Note that volunteering extended hours and days will be up to you and not required, nor expected, of you.

COMMITMENT DURATION: Other then Certified Prosthetists, all other positions require a minimum 1 month commitment. Due to the semi-complex nature of most volunteer positions, it is beneficial to the patients and artificial limbs clinic if you can stay as long as possible.

Volunteer in Bolivia with Artificial Limbs Center

FEES AND EXPENSES: There is of course no fee to volunteer for these positions but you will be expected to pay your own travel and daily expenses for food, lodging and transportation. Bolivia is a VERY inexpensive country and daily expenses usually range from $25-$40 / day depending on your desired lifestyle and comfort level.

APPLICATION: The volunteer application process is very informal -- simply send us an e-mail (in English or Spanish) and we will discuss where you can fit in. Use the secure online form to contact us below.

DONATIONS: If you would like to support this organization in another way, please consider making a donation through Sending out an SOS and mark it "CMA Bolivia". The Artificial Limbs Center is the only non-profit organization building prosthetics at such low cost in Bolivia. Contact us using the form below and view more on our website.

Volunteer in Bolivia | Volunteer Forum | Live in Bolivia | Plan Your Trip

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