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This section, dedicated to art in Bolivia, is being made available because is working hard and often with local artists, museums and galleries to promote the arts in Santa Cruz; however, this gallery will not be limited to Santa Cruz because Bolivia has so many wonderful painters, sculptors, woodcarvers, pottery makers, leather workers, and others, most of whom don't limit themselves to a single medium to express their creativity.

This gallery may, at times, also feature foreign artists who have exhibited in Bolivia because we recognize the importance of the creative exchange of ideas and media in the arts. The city of Santa Cruz frequently hosts workshops, international art contests, and other events. Foreign and Bolivian artists work together and learn from each other. Foreign artists also frequently study other aspects of Bolivian culture, which influences, and is later expressed in, their works.

This beautiful country with its many completely distinct regions and numerous colorful cultures lends itself fully to the arts. What artists do find difficult at times is finding a good venue for their work. However, this is gradually changing as during the past 10 years more and more art galleries are springing up around Bolivia, art is being more vigorously promoted, and the Bolivian public is more interested in learning about the arts. Foreigners have always had a great appreciation for Bolivian artists and their work.

In this section we will provide information on Bolivian artists, where they exhibit, and links to their official websites if they have them. In addition, some of the artists featured have requested function as another venue through which to sell their works; therefore, you many find some art pieces are being offered for sale. In these cases we've provided contact forms for those interested in contacting the artists directly.

Please also see our listing of Museums and Galleries in Santa Cruz for more information on local venues and definitely take a look at our Events page in English and our Eventos page in Spanish as this is where dozens of art openings and exhibits are announced continually be artists and galleries. Our goal is to contact and feature each artist personally, but that will take some time. As we do achieve this, the list below will grow.

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