An intense week in the national and international media for WWF Bolivia

by WWF Bolivia
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

Photo: © Nardyn Pizarro / WWF Bolivia

Photo: © Nardyn Pizarro / WWF Bolivia

On Saturday August 15th CNN en Español aired a report on the Departmental Park and Natural Area of Integrated Management (PDANMI) Iténez. Also, this evening at 11,35 pm, ABC News aired a report on the Bolivian river dolphin which inhabits this protected area. WWF coordinated and supported the visit which took place towards the end of May. (Read about ABC's trip here.)

The Iténez River watershed in Bolivia is in all likelihood the most important stronghold for the Bolivian river dolphins (Inia boliviensis), as well as for other aquatic mammals such as the giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis).

WWF Bolivia works in the protected area by providing operational funds that go towards strengthening the Protected Area Office under the Departmental Government of Beni and its Office for the PD ANMI Iténez; infrastructure and equipment for the basic management of the protected area; support in the management of hydrobiological resources; promotion and sound management of natural resources in the communities of the PD ANMI Iténez; and development of organizational capacities with the communities.

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