American Expats in Bolivia - Call the U.S. for just HALF CENT per minute!

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Hey everyone. One of the biggest complaints I hear from foreigners in Bolivia is how difficult and expensive it is to call home. Upon arriving, some travelers are even surprised to find that their cellphones don't work here at all! (It's true, Bolivia has no satellites, uses fiber optics, and is on a completely different type of communications grid than many other countries). There aren't any temporary cellphones to buy or rent. There are lots of call centers, but calls are expensive - up to a dollar a minute! And it's not cheap to call to Bolivia from other countries either. For those of us who aren't tourists (expats, students, volunteers) and will be here for a pretty long time, staying in touch with family and friends is even more essential.

We're now working with LocalPhone to get you great deals so you can make international calls to and from Bolivia (and pretty much anywhere else) inexpensively and easily! It's easier than using calling cards and from many countries (most, in fact) it's even cheaper than Skype.

For example, did you know the normal, every day rate for both calls and text messages to the United States is only HALF A CENT per minute?

To Canada and the UK it's ONE CENT per minute. To other countries it's cheap too. Because we're working closely with them, they tell us IN ADVANCE about special offers they're going to have. For example, as I write this, they are offering free calls to Spain from anywhere in the world for a whole week. They do that kind of stuff all the time.

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STEP ONE: To call OUT from Bolivia to your country, any country, click the banner above to set yourself up to be able to make calls from any computer in Bolivia.

Use the code BOLIVIA 12 before 30 September 2012 when you register, to get 100% extra credit on your first top-up!

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STEP TWO: You can make WiFi calls back home from your smartphone, if it works in Bolivia. You need to download the free Android or iPhone apps. By calling over WiFi you won't incur roaming charges and calls will still be cheap, some from only 0.5ยข (half a cent!) per minute. Find their Android app and iPhone App here. AND Students get double call credit. Remember that many overseas mobile phones do not work in Bolivia so be sure to set yourself up to be able to make calls from any computer too, just in case yours is one of them.

Remember, use the code BOLIVIA 12 before 30 September 2012 to double your first top-up!

Cheap international calls with Localphone

STEP THREE: Be sure your friends and family back home set themselves up with Localphone too, so they can call YOU at local prices as well, while you are away.

Tell THEM to use the code BOLIVIA 12 BEFORE 30 SEPTEMBER 2012 so they will get the same 100% credit on their first top-up!

STEP FOUR: Another way to make calling cheaper for you and them: You get free calling credit every time you recommend others to use Localphone! When you recommend a friend and they sign up for a Localphone account, LocalPhone will give you 10% of the call credit every time they top up, for 90 days. When you sign up, click the "Earn Free Credit" tab at the top of the page on their website to find out how that works.

Don't forget to use the code BOLIVIA 12 before 30 September 2012! LocalPhone may extend the dates for using this code. It depends on whether we use it or not. If we don't, they won't. If we do, more people can get 100% credit on their first top-up. Remember, anyone from any country can use this code when they first register. But they'll only hear about it here. LocalPhone is not advertising it anywhere else! Still not sure? Try a free 5 minute call with Localphone

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