My name is Carlos Aliaga Uria. I am an engineer and also an Academician of the International Informatization Academy (IIA) since 1996, diploma No. 10-6636. IIA has consulting status Category 1- with the Economic and Social Counsel of the United Nations. I would like to communicate that from 16:00 hours on Monday, November 23rd 2009 and until the infamous denier of the Holocaust, President Ahmadinejad of Iran, leaves Bolivian soil, I will be on a hunger strike to protest both his visit to Bolivia and the fact that President Evo Morales not only permitted this visit, but celebrated it.

My reasons for doing this are the following:

1. Ahmadinejad is worse than a historic revisionist, he is a denier of the established historical fact, the unimaginable tragedy of the Holocaust. Recently Angela Merckel, the German President, admitted to the horrors committed by her country during the Nazi period, which claimed the lives of 6,000,000 Jews- Ahmadinejad denies this historical fact. Ahmadinejad can visit Venezuela, Brazil or even the moon, that doesn’t interest me; however, he should be prohibited from visiting Bolivia. He shouldn’t be allowed to come here, not just because this is my country, but because Bolivia was the only country on this continent (out of about 3 countries in the world, including at least one in Asia) that authorized visas (during the Presidency of German Busch- bravo for Busch) to more than 7000 Jews who escaped from the Nazi terror. Thanks to their Bolivian visas, these Jews were saved and not taken to the Nazi death camps. Because Bolivia was an active participant in this historical act, Ahmadinejad cannot deny our history. Because of this we should all tirelessly repeat that Ahmadinejad should not step foot on Bolivian soil.

2. If we remain indifferent to the deniers of history like Ahmadinejad, we run the risk that other events are denied: that Genghis Khan and his armies invaded the Middle East in the 13 century; the abuses of the indigenous peoples of America by the Spanish conquerors; the Incas attempt to decimate the Urus and the Chipayas; the dead and disappeared of the military dictatorships of the 70’s and 80’s in Latin America; the deaths of more than one million Cambodians during the terror of Pol Pot; the killings in Darfour, etc.

3. It is not acceptable that Bolivia establishes friendly ties with a country that has a fundamentalist legal code; where in a court of law the testimony of one man is worth the testimony of two women; where a woman has half of the rights of a man. Also it is immoral to maintain relations with a government where homosexuals are persecuted and hanged.

4. It is unacceptable that Bolivia maintains close ties with a country like fundamentalist Iran, not only because the president denies the Holocaust but also because the recently appointed Minister of Defense, the ex-terrorist, Ahmad Vahidi, is wanted by Interpol and the Argentinian government for the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires (July 18, 1994). Also the first thing that he yelled upon assuming his ministerial post was “Death to Israel.”

5. Ahmadinejad should not have a nuclear enrichment plant, especially when he has repeated over and over again that he wishes to erase Israel from the map. Israel is a country that has been recognized by the United Nations since 1947. What is more, the United Nations is currently reviewing the approval of more sanctions in an attempt to thwart Iran’s nuclear intentions. The Middle East is an extremely volatile region- why should Bolivia get involved in those disputes, especially on the side of the recalcitrant and fundamentalist country of Iran?

6. It is unacceptable that the government of President Morales is willing to isolate our country from the international community (most of whom have condemned Iran’s nuclear strategy) only to please Chavez and antagonize the US.

7. I leave you with the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller:

In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.

To contact me please write to:
Thank you,
Carlos Aliaga Uria


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Nov 29, 2009
esta muy bien
by: bombom brasil

esta mui bien! como siempre luchando por su pais, eso esta recontra bien. Bueno seria que en todo pais tuviera una docena igual a ti para defender el pais con todo el corazon.

Nov 28, 2009
lo lograste
by: Marion

gracias Carlos.......

Nov 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

Good luck Carlos, you are doing the right thing, for all bolivians and all people who belive in peace and justice. Radicals such as the president of Iran must be stopped.

Another bolivian.

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