Alasitas - Bolivia's Festival of Abundance

The traditional Alasitas fair, where everything you could possibly wish for is sold in miniature, is now open in Santa Cruz. The belief in Bolivia is that any miniatures you pin on the Ekkekko's poncho will be conceded to you during the coming year.

The Ekkekko is the god of abundance. At Alasitas you can find miniature handmade cars, houses, tools, food items, clothing, university degrees, jewelry, babies, money, suitcases and airline tickets, and even passports and visas. Purchase your Ekkekko and miniatures of what you wish for this year, pin them on his cloak, and pray for your wishes to come true.

The Alasitas Fair has moved and is now located on the 5th ring between Avenida Cumavi and Tres Pasos al Frente. You can visit this fair now through October 17th.

This year there will be over 1000 vendors. 220 of them are from La Paz, 110 are from Cochabamba, 30 are from Oruro, 40 are from El Alto, and there are also several from Chile, PerĂº and Ecuador. The remaining 575 vendors are from Santa Cruz.

At Alasitas you'll also find typical Bolivian handcrafts, musical instruments, alpaca sweaters, woven aguayos, and many other Bolivian and South American crafts, gifts and food at very affordable prices in regular sizes.

It's a huge fair, so plan to spend a few hours walking around and be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. A backpack is recommended (carry it in front of you to avoid prying eyes and pickpockets). Read All About Alasitas Here.

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