AguaYaku Delivering Water Filters to Flooded Communities in Beni, Bolivia

(Santa Cruz , Bolivia)

Non-profit organization Agua Yaku, headed by Dr. Daniel Beams, specializes in potable water projects and wells and has been working in remote communities of Bolivia for several years. At the moment Agua Yaku is putting all efforts into reaching severely flooded communities of northern and eastern Bolivia where potable water sources have been contaminated to deliver community water filters. Donations to supply them are being taken online at The following is an account of their arrival with the first 200 filters, along with photographs:

We are sending a BIG “thank you” to everyone who has so graciously contributed in our effort to be Christ’s “hands and feet” during this crisis, providing clean water to so many suffering people. After two days of travel (and the minor distractions of break-downs, rain, and mud), Agua Yaku arrived in Trinidad with 200 filters and buckets (and 200 more will arrive on Sunday). The first thing I noticed as we arrived in the city, besides the obvious flooded houses and fields, was the awful stench. Dead and dying livestock, fish, and other debris create a odor you just cannot escape from. Everything is muddy, wet, and foul. Continue reading…

28 February 2014
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