AeroSur out, so Bus To Cuzco?

by Tom Crouch
(Ketchikan, Alaska USA)

What time does the bus leave Jan. 3rd 2013 headed to Cuzco? The one that makes the least stops. I have to take the bus because no more AeroSur... Thanks. Tom Crouch. Also will my Bolivian Passport be good for Peru, or do I need a Peru passport too. Thank you, Tom

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Jul 06, 2012
government put aerosur out of business
by: Anonymous

The Bolivian government did everything possible to put Aerosur out of business. It lowered prices to a point where no one else can compete, and doesn't pay the same taxes other airlines are supposed to pay by law. It is doing this with a lot of businesses and industries, slowly doing away with private enterprise in Bolivia. Of course they deny it, but the population isn't stupid. It's a pity really.

Jul 04, 2012
What happened to Aerosur
by: Anonymous


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