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Summary: Aerolineas Sudamericanas (AS) is a privately-owned Bolivian airline that operates between the country's three largest cities: La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. NOTE: As of May 2012 this airline continues inoperational. More information on this airline will be available soon. Esta aerolínea actualmente no está operando. Pronto tendremos más información.

Santa Cruz contacts:

Av. Monseñor Obispo Santistevan #510
(Frente al cine Center)
Tel: (591)(3) 339-6160
Fax: (591)(3) 339-6566
Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Airline Information

There is no self-check in or curb-side check in for this airline at airports in Bolivia. Always check with the airline and/or your travel agent prior to your trip concerning issues such as government holidays (they differ at various times throughout the year); flight delays (infrequent) and cancellations (also infrequent); and special assistance you need during your flight or upon arrival.

Bolivian airports are small, very basic and limited in terms of the services provided. Only major cities have customs or immigration offices. Always check with your travel agent and the Bolivian embassy or consulate in your country to make sure you have all the proper documentation for your flight to Bolivia.

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