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Summary: AEROCON is based out of Trinidad, Beni and flies to and from Cobija, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Guayaramerín, Riberalta, Santa Ana and Tarija.

UPDATE: As of 2011 Aerocón now has daily direct flights from Cobija to Trinidad and from Trinidad to Sucre, and is planning daily flights directly from Cobija to La Paz.

National Office Contact Information:

C. Nicomedes Antelo Hangar 48, El Trompillo Airport, Santa Cruz
Main Phone: (591-3) 351-1010
In Santa Cruz: (591-3) 351-1200
Fax: (591-3) 351-6065
Reservations: -

See full city contact listing below.

Airline Information

Aerocon recently (April 2009) joined forces with Bolivia's largest airline Aerosur and another important Bolivian airline Amaszonas to form UNABOLIVIA - the National Airline Union of Bolivia. As a result, you can expect the number and frequency of flights available between many of Bolivia's smaller destinations to increase. Each of the three airlines continues to function individually - this was not an airline merger - they're simply working together to provide more routes and better services for you.

On their brand new website you can see flight frequencies and schedules, pricing, and destination cities. You can also make a reservation online and pay with Visa or MasterCard. You must present the original credit card at the time you pick up your ticket at the check-in counter.

Customer service hours are:

M-F 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sat 5:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sun 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Contact Information by City

Santa Cruz

Contact info at top of page and these email addresses:
Traffic and Airports:

Santa Ana del Yacuma

Commercial and Cargo Office

Plaza Principal acera norte
Telf./Fax: 484-2402
Jose Chavez Suarez Airport
Tel: 711-33255


Commercial Office

Calle 25 de Mayo esquina 16 de Julio s/n
Telefax: 855-5025

Regional Manager
Javier Jimenez

Sales and Reservations
Silvia Suarez

Cap. Av. Emilio Beltran Airport(GYA)

Airport Supervisor
Nelson Taborga
Tel: 702-77399

Cargo Supervisor
Roberto Moises
Tel: 702-77399


Commercial Office

Plaza principal acera Norte # 469
Tel: 852-2870 - Fax: 852-4240

Regional Manager
Elmina Martinez

Sales and Reservations
Claudia Rocha

Cap. Av. Zelim Zeitum (RIB) Airport

Airport Supervisor
Ada Velasco
Tel: 852-4241

Cargo Office
C. Bernardino Ochoa a ½ cuadra del aeropuerto
Tel: 852-3899

Cargo Supervisor
Jhonatan Huari


Commercial Office

Av. Oblitas #279 casi esquina Villarroel
Tel: 448-9177

Regional Manager
Shirley Cabrera

Sales and Reservations
Alfredo Eggers Omar Issa

Cargo Supervisor
Javier Soliz

Jorge Wilsterman (CBB) Airport

Airport Supervisor
Adolfo Perez Calvi
Telefax: 459-3209

La Paz

Commercial and Cargo Office

Av. Arce # 2549 - 1er. Piso
Telefax: 215-0093

Regional Manager
Kitty Costas
Tel: 214-1512

Sales and Reservations
Giovana Aliaga
Tel: 215-0093

Airport Supervisor
Antonio Barrera
Tel: 720-22050

Cargo Supervisor
Tel: 215-0093

El Alto (LPB) Airport

Telf. 281-0121 to 24 Extension (Interno) 2375


Commercial Office

C. Fernandez Molina #044
Telefax: 842-4166

Regional Manager
Juan Carlos Gil

Sales and Reservations
Marushka Barbeito

Cargo Supervisor
Octavio Peso
Tel: 842-3969

Heroes del Acre (CIJ) Airport

Airport Supervisor
Ma. de los Angeles Gil
Tel: 729-10006


Commercial Office

C. Antonio Vaca Diez # 26
Telefax: 462-4442

Regional Manager
Orlando Vaca

Sales and Reservations
Paola Velasvo

Jorge Henrich (TDD) Airport

Telefax: 462-2582

National Head of Traffic and Airports
Christian Flores

National Head of Cargo
Fabiola Perez

Airport Supervisor
Ma. Delcy Hurtado

Cargo Office
Jorge Henrich Airport
Tel: 462-7526

Cargo Supervisor
Guillermo Suarez


Commercial Office

Av. Belgrano esquina D'artlach #974
Telefax: 666-7969

Regional Manager
Mariana Majluf

Sales and Reservations
Adriana Calderón

Airport Supervisor
Oniella Mendoza
Tel: 729-88993

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