59% of the cocaine confiscated in Brazil comes from Bolivia

El Diario, La Paz, 4 Aug, 2010: Luiz Fernando Correa, general director of the Federal Police, revealed today before the Brazilian Senate that 59% of the cocaine confiscated this year in Brazil originates in Bolivia.

Of the eleven tons of cocaine confiscated by Brazilian authorities during the first seven months of this year, 6.5 tons were produced in Bolivia, stated Correa in an Upper Chamber senate hearing called to analyze the war on drug trafficking along the Bolivian border.
The police director backed his statements with United Nations reports to show that the amount of land used to grow coca leaves has increased in Bolivia, which he qualified as "worrisome".

Nevertheless, Correo assured that cooperation with Bolivian authorities has been "positive" and denied that President Evo Morales' government had prevented the application of the illegal coca eradication agreement signed by both countries in 2008.

The Bolivian government, with support from the Brazilian Air Force, confiscated 441 tons of illegally grown coca leaves so far this year and another 963 tons in 2009, according to the report presented by Correa.

Last May Brazil's opposition presidential candidate, José Serra, caused tension when he accused the Bolivian government of being an "accomplice" and "looking the other way" regarding drug trafficking due to the enormous quantity of drugs that enter Brazil from Bolivia.

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Date: 4-Aug-2010
Source: El Diario

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