4-23-2015 Top 10 Prettiest Places in Bolivia

Now Bolivia is a beautiful place in itself, but today we're going to take a look at some of the prettiest places in Bolivia.
(And aside from these, there are hundreds more!)

Top 10 Prettiest Places in Bolivia

1. The Uyuni Salt Desert

Ranging at 10,582 square kilometers, the Uyuni Salt Desert is the biggest Salt Desert in the World. The place is dotted with pyramids of salt and is a popular tourist attraction. When it rains it becomes a massive mirror that reflects everything above of it.

2. Mariposario Guembe

Within the Bolivia's tropical region is the biggest buttefly sanctuary, Guembe. Only 20 minutes from downtown Santa Cruz, the Sanctuary is open from dusk til dawn 365 days a year. It is known mostly for its netted butterfly dome but has many added features too.

3. La Paz

With the added fact that it is considered one of Bolivia's capitals, La Paz is a great and beautiful place. It has great ancient architecture that will make you want to stay for a long time. (Or not, I can't choose for you.)

4. Dinosaur Footprints

The largest collection of dinosaur Footprints in the world lies in Bolivia's other Capital, Sucre. There is a beautiful mountain called Cal Orko, viewable from Parque Cretácico (Cretaceous Park) (not Jurassic Park, no living dinosaurs) which is a park where you can learn all about dinos. In fact, just a few weeks ago in April 2015 scientists announced they had found ANOTHER set of over 5000 dinosaur tracks, for a total of over 10,000 dinosaur footprints (!!!) all in one place! This absolutely confirmed Bolivia as the world's most beautiful place to find dinosaur tracks!

5. Lake Titicaca

Also being one of the largest lakes in the world and Bolivia's second largest freshwater lake, Lake Titicaca is a great place to canoe, fish and explore.

6. Tiwanaku Ruins

Made by the ancient Tiwanaku people, and located not far from the southwest bank of Lake Titicaca, the Tiwanaku Ruins are among the most ancient cities in the world. The Tiwanaku Ruins have beautiful ancient architecture and stone carvings.

7. Madidi National Park

Beginning in the Andes and stretching to the Amazon (the rainforest not the online store) across an area of 7000 square miles is the Madidi National Park. It is home to thousands of animal, plant, fish and insect species and over 9000 species of birds. What a sight!!

8. Sorata

Sorata is a sleepy town around the outskirts of La Paz that not many people have heard about, but more are beginning to as it is a great base camp for hikers climbing the Andes Mountains.

9. The Amazon Jungle

Take a cruise along the largely unexplored Bolivian Amazon jungle. Its a beautiful sight to see with waterfalls, beautiful cliff edges, lots of wildlife, and the prettiest flowers.

10. Orchid Festival

Bolivia has more varieties of Orchid Festival than any other country in the world so what better to do with them but to make an entire festival just dedicated to orchids. Hundreds of orchids are sold, admired, and collected.

So I hope you enjoyed this Top 10. Which of these 10 places would you most like to visit?

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