30-Day Expedition to Document AfroBolivian Communities

by BoliviaBella.com and Projeto Paralelo 15
(Bolivia and Brazil)

Projeto Paralelo 15 will begin a cultural expedition through Mato Grosso in Brazil and the Republic of Bolivia with the objective of learning about, and documenting, the African-descended populations of Vale do Alto Guaporé in Mato Grosso and the Afro-bolivian towns in the region of Los Yungas in the northern sector of the Department of La Paz (along the highway to Coroico).

BoliviaBella.com website visitors will be able to accompany this exciting photographic, journalistic and cultural journey online.

The first stage of this trip will begin on 25 February 2011, beginning in Cuiabá, Brazil, and heading to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. For approximately 30 days journalists and travel professionals will document African-descended cultural groups in both countries. This trip will cover nearly 5000 kilometers.

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