2012 Earth Day Bolivia Photo Contest Winner!

by BoliviaBella.com
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

By Jon Derksen

By Jon Derksen

By Jon Derksen
By Jackeline de Benjin
By Ruben Dario Azogue
By Samy Schwartz

This photo of a Panthera onca (often called a leopardo or tigre in Bolivia) has been chosen as the winner of the 2012 Earth Day Bolivia photo contest sponsored by BoliviaBella.com in an effort to highlight the importance of protecting and conserving our wildlife, resources and natural environment. It was taken by Jon Derksen of Kelowna, BC, Canada. Here's what he has to say about how he took this photo:

I came across some hunters who had set a trap for a 'nuisance' jaguar. Eventually this poor animal was caught. I tried to pay them $100 (all I had on me) to let it go, but they wouldn't hear of it--they said they could sell it to the Santa Cruz Zoo for more. I reported the illegal capture, but I don't know what happened in the end. It's always bittersweet to look at this image, as it represents the animals last few seconds of freedom.

The three additional photos were chosen for honorable mentions by our contest judge, Bolivian photographer Willy Kenning. Click here to view a slideshow of all participating photos.

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