2011 Orchid Festival - Festival de Orquideas 2011 Bolivia

by june donaldson
(Sucre Bolivia)

Thought it would be useful to get an online response as others may find it useful info. I have found the dates for this year's Orchid Festival 7-9 october, but can't find out any info about whether I can buy orchids there. Do they sell them on the last day only? Can I buy orchids in Concepcion outside of festival time? If I want accommodation during the festival do I have to book a package for the 3 days or can I stay for less time? Thanks in advance and sorry to have missed you in Sucre. June

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Mar 31, 2014
by: buenoycurioso

hello june i would like to contact you in case there is a chace to meet you as swung er, please reply the answear to buenoycuriosoad@gmailcom

Aug 01, 2011
Festival de la Orquidea 2011 Concepcion Bolivia
by: BoliviaBella

Hi June! You can find all the information you need (in Spanish) at the website of the Festival de la Orquidea here: www.festivaldelaorquidea.com but although the website already has a 2011 header, most of the information is from the 2010 festival which took place last year. It's very possible they haven't completed plans yet.

The 2011 Orchid Festival is being organized in conjunction with CEPAD. Here's their website (click on "Contáctenos" at the top right hand corner of their page to contact them):


Normally you can purchase the orchids during the entire time they are being exhibited and there are several sellers. One of the sponsors is the PROYECTO MISIONES, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Santa Cruz. Perhaps you could contact them for information about this year's agenda as well.


You don't need to take a tour to visit Concepción during the Orchid Festival. You can easily go on your own. However, as there are few hotels there, and they fill up quickly, you are better off making a reservation now, or at least pretty soon.

For where to stay, here is a list of hotels with all their contact data.


For where to eat, here is a list of restaurants with contact data.


Here is a page that says how to get to Concepción listing different transportation options:


Here's a map (in PDF)


They also have a Facebook page here, where you could leave them a message with your questions.


I entered your questions (in Spanish) on their Facebook page. Maybe they'll answer us!

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