2011 Carnival in Oruro Bolivia - Plan Now or Miss Out

If you are considering attending the 2011 Oruro Carnival the time to plan is now. The Oruro Carnival 2011 (Carnaval de Oruro Bolivia) is one of the top tourist attractions in Bolivia and the country's largest cultural event. The 2011 Oruro Carnival is scheduled for March 4-8 with March 5 and 6 being the two most important days. This is one of the biggest cultural spectacles in South America, and unique in that it is a religious festivity. The 2011 Carnival in Oruro Bolivia will gather up to 20,000 dancers and 10,000 musicians in one place. Preparations begin months in advance with pre-carnival dances. Typical dances include the continue reading...

Carnaval de Oruro 2011!

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