2009 Bolivia Global Forest Network Trade Mission

by WWF
(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)


The Bolivia Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) is organizing the third GFTN Bolivia Business Trade Mission for those companies that are part of the GFTN and interested in establishing trade relations with certified Bolivian producer companies or those in process of certification and members of the GFTN Bolivia.

The third Business Trade Mission will take place from March 23rd to 28th, 2009 and allow for the business men and women to participate in the 7th Forest, Wood and Technology Fair known as EXPOFOREST 2009, as well as its Business Roundtable from March 26th to 27th, 2009. The last Business Roundtable in 2008 brought together more than 200 companies from 18 countries, a number that is expected to improve next year. For further information please visit: http://www.fexpocruz.com.bo/expoforest/

The 2008 GFTN Bolivia Business Trade Mission resulted in more than US$ 3,500,000 in business intentions between Bolivian GFTN companies and companies in Belgium, Spain, Chile and the Netherlands.

Bolivia has 48 million hectares of natural forests, of which almost 29 million have been declared “Permanent Forest Production Lands”. Nine million are under sustainable management and approximately two million of these have Voluntary Forest Certification (under the Forest Stewardship Council - FSC - label). Based on the aforementioned, Bolivia´s commitment to forestry has been more than demonstrated and its leadership worldwide has also been confirmed in terms of sustainable forest production, with more than two million hectares of certified native tropical forest.

The Bolivia FTN invites all companies that are a part of the GFTN to participate in this Business Mission which includes technical visits to production forests located in northern Bolivia, as well as important industrial companies in the cities of La Paz and to participate in the Business Roundtable organized by the Bolivian Forestry Chamber in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The objective of the Business Mission is to show visiting businessmen the potential supply of Bolivian forestry companies and members of the FTN and in this way, facilitate market links between supply and demand.

GFTN Bolivia Business Trade Mission: March 23 -28, 2009 include Expoforest Business Roundtable: March 26-27, 2009


• March 23, 24 and 25: Business mission organized by the Bolivia FTN. Meeting aimed at bringing together visiting companies -wood and / or forestry product buyers- GFTN participants with members of the Bolivia FTN.

The Mission includes:

o Technical visits to wood companies located in La Paz who manufacturer doors, parquet, garden furniture, decking and sawn wood.

o Trips to the sawmill, industry and forests in Ixiamas (North of the Department of La Paz).

o Meetings between visiting buyer companies and Bolivian producers from Ixiamas organized by the Forestry Chamber of Iturralde and Forest Trade Network from Bolivia.

o Technical visits to the forest.

o Tour in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia’s richest forestregion.

• March 26 and 27: Business Roundtable organized by the Bolivian Forestry Chamber with support from WWF Bolivia. Bilateral meetings (maximum time 20 minutes) with companies that have been pre-selected by each participant (buyer and/or producer).


• Visiting companies will have to cover their travel and lodging expenses.

• WWF-GFTN Bolivia will register (at no cost) the visiting companies and current GFTN Bolivia members in the 2009 EXPOFOREST Business Roundtable.

• WWF-GFTN Bolivia will cover food costs for visitors during the three days of the Business Trade Mission.

• WWF-GFTN Bolivia will provide logistical support related to lodging, transportation, coordination and support during the meetings held at the Business Roundtable.

Interested companies should contact:

María del Carmen Carreras

GFTN Bolivia Forest and Trade Coordinator

Telephone: 591- 3- 3430609 ext. 105

Fax 591-3-3430406

e-mail: mcarreras@wwfbolivia.org


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