10 Ideas for 2011 Earth Day Events

by Earth Day Network

Celebrate Earth Day in Your Community!

1. Reforestation Event: Our forests are in massive decline and several places in the Americas are in need of a helping hand. Coordinate with local tree planting organizations and local hardware or construction companies for planting materials and expertise. Outreach to the whole community! For ideas, check out this tree planting in St. Vincent and Grenadines:


2. Waste Management: Invite an expert on the subject of waste management or composting to hold a workshop or informal discussion about the problem and solutions. Invite the community, including elected officials, students, and business owners to participate. Check out our resources on waste management and composting:


3. Recycling Drive: Do you see old plastic bottles everywhere? Organize a community cleanup at a local park, beach, neighborhood, or just around town. Dispose the nonrecyclable items and recycle the rest. You could even set up a booth where people could drop off their recyclables and hand out informational fliers. Or hold a recycling collection contest to see who picks up the most! If you sell the recyclables, consider how the proceeds can be used to improve the local environment. Check out this clean up in the Cayman Islands:


4. Invasive Species Removal: People in the past have been careless with what plants and animals they carried from country to country. As a result, invasive species such as the lion fish in the Caribbean and Buffelgrass throughout South America take space and nutrients away from other native plants and animals. Work with local environment experts to organize an invasive species removal event. And get the kids involved - use our educational resources at


5. Environmental Movie Screening: Find a space, such as the library, a church, university room, or even café to show an environmental movie to get people talking about our environmental future. Prepare informational resources and discussion topics for after the screening.

6. Forum on Environmental Issues: Find local experts on issues ranging from water pollution to waste management to the importance of recycling and ask them to give a small talk to the community. The event could be held in a local library, park, or even university hall.

7. Start an Urban Community Garden: As cities grow, we mustn?t forget the importance of green spaces. Creating or sprucing up a community garden can be a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Coordinate with local environmental, farming, or eco groups in your area to help with upkeep and the grand opening, which could be on Earth Day!

8. Hold a Global Day of Conversation: Invite an elected official to participate in Earth Day Network?s Global Day of Conversation and talk about the green economy and sustainable development of your community. Check out other cities doing the same and register your own event:


9. Education: Work with local teachers to teach about Earth Day, recycling, creating a school garden, or use one of Earth Day Network?s lesson plans:


10. Organize a March or Parade: Is your group passionate about an environmental issue in you community, state, or country? Organize a parade or march and build public awareness in your community.

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